Everything you need
to send emails quickly

  • Code as Infrastructure

    Reproducible emails everywhere
  • Easy-to-use SDKs

    Seamless integration with different environments
  • Template-free by Design

    No clumsy HTML drag-and-drop by design
  • Email Client Compatibility

    Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, Apple Mail, etc
  • Image Caching

    No broken images + faster loading
  • Social Icons

    As easy as specifying your usernames
  • Multiple Themes & Styles

    Effective emails that also look good
  • Custom Brand Colors

    Colors as unique as your brand
  • Video Embeds

    Link and embed videos easily coming soon
  • Embedded Tweets

    Display any tweet as testimonials coming soon
  • Scheduled Delivery

    Delay email sending as needed coming soon
  • Email Analytics

    Send count, open count and more coming soon

Use your favorite provider

Pick the infrastructure you know and trust
We'll send your emails using an API key

  • Send from your own account
  • Switch providers anytime
  • Same designs everywhere
  • Email as Infrastructure
  • Amazon SES
    Amazon SES
  • Resend
  • Mailgun
  • Postmark
  • SendGrid